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A Giraffe Quilt

Solid blue fabric 40cm x 110cm                          
fiberfill or batting 60cm x 75cm
Blue cloudy fabric 35cm x 110cm
backing fabric 55cm x 75cm
Dark red velvet 12cm x 20 cm
Vliesofix 75cm
Grey/braun fabric 10cm x 10cm
thread and needle From dark to light red
Very dark red fusion fabric 10cm x 20cm
Dark red fusion fabric 20cm x 20cm
Dark red fabric 15cm x 20cm
Red circle fabric 27cm x 12cm
Red roses fabric 20cm x 20cm
Red fusion fabric 20cm x 20cm
Light red fusion fabric 27cm x 20 cm
Jeltje van Essen is the owner of a quilt shop “100 rozen” in Deventer. She designed this quilt inspired by the poster of “Deventer op stelten 2012”.
The end result measures 55 x 70 centimetres.
The fabric or similar fabric is on sale in the quilt shop “100 rozen, walstraat 90 in Deventer and on http://quiltshop100rozen.nl
For the blue background cut stripes of 6,25cm.
Look at the list for the division of the colours
 between the solid, cloudy and circle fabrics.
At first put the fabrics together according to the
 numbers. Then put the 11 tapes together upon
 the length.
Now you have a blue patch about 55cm x 70cm.
The horn
The horns will be made of velvet.  Cut the shape 
seam allowance included. Fold the horn, right sides together.
Sew the long side.
Turn the horn around.
Make 3 circles about 2cm across with small running
stitches. By pulling the thread you get a smock effect.
Stripe Flat Cloud Circle
Nr in cm in cm in cm
1 61 11
2 53 19
3 47 25
4 44 20 9
5 41 26 6
6 39 33
7 54 18
8 57 15
9 61 11
10 64 8
11 72
The applications
Enlarge the pattern pieces with 200%. The original quilt is made with the needle-turn technique. An easy procedure for the applications is to use Vliesofix. It works like this: 
Place the pieces on the Vliesofix, leaving some space between the pieces.
Cut out these Vliesofix pieces and iron the shapes on the back of the fabric. Cut out the fabric with the Vliesofix. Assemble the pieces onto the blue background; some pieces will overlay a little. Continue the 3 lines out of the eye to define the direction of the ears and neck. The lines will run through the ears and through the middle of the neck.
The dark parts come below the lighter parts. Cut the fabric at the outside of the giraffe without a seam allowance. Where a fabric is upon another fabric you can also cut it without a seam allowance.
When all pieces have the right measure, first pin them down, then remove one by one the paper from the Vliesofix and iron the fabric onto the blue patch.
Fasten all the pieces with blanket stitches. Place the white band upon the grey dotted line. Al last irons the band on it and put it together with small stitches on both sides.
For a 3D effect you can fasten the horns to the background with only the bottom part.
Now you can sandwich your quilt, see the picture.
At last put the binding around
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